Continuing to support your business demands




Our Porterage Service provides our customers with the expert assistance needed to effect a smooth and worry free internal move. Our porterage team can direct and provide departmental moves departments, office relocations and satisfy a whole host of requirements within different and varied business settings.
Crest will continue to support your business, even after your move. Our Porterage and Facilities Management Services are becoming increasingly popular with our customers after they have experienced a move with Crest. With new and complex requirements emerging in the business world, we aim to continue to provide quality P&FM services that respond to growing business demands. We do this by offering a reliable and competitive aftercare service for every single client. This typically entails using our Porterage and Facilities Management Services on either a contractual basis or as a one-off, pre-agreed fee request of works to be performed.
Crest provides our client base with a continuous in-house service that enables companies to flow more effectively with a porterage service on a regular basis. Many of our customers use our short- and long-term storage solutions following a move and intermittently thereafter to solve specific storage needs.
Safe, professional disposal of items by Crest
With stringent regulations dictated in environmental legislation, many companies choose Crest to assist with fulfilling their corporate responsibilities. As companies have a social obligation to dispose of certain items, such as furniture, electrical, IT waste and hazardous items according to specific regulations, it is conducive to their own programme for good business practice to use Crest’s removal services to safely dispose of these troublesome items. Crest is committed to working with companies who have, within their own business targets, a programme that can sympathetically address environmental topics.